2014-06 BEC Meeting Minutes


10:03 meeting called to order by Big Sir Tom Lathrop
Present: Tom Lathrop George Garcia Larry Kolano Ron Cashion
Jack Duncan Jerry Burton Dwayne Williams
Jack Barnaba Ken Kuhn Bill Stephenson John Carl

Minutes for May 1: passed

Treasurer Report: $4,479.43 monthly change $13.38 YTD $223.81
Total Funds: $6,582.45. Monthly change $18.45. YTD $929.81

Membership report: 124 active 6 inactive
1 resignation
Discussed increasing membership, Possible transfers from other Sir groups

Nominating Committee: jack Duncan replaces Dave Kepper
Nominations: Big Sir. Kolano. Little Sir Bruce Persons. Secretary Deonigi
Asst sec Williams Treasured Kun. Asst co- nominee’s Daryl Diamond, Barry Silberman
directors. Barnaba, Fernando, Cashion, Burton, Jack Duncan (replaces Kepper)
John Wolfe (replaces Ken Peterson)

Ron Cashion Report: Phone Service Fee $29.46. 50 messages, meal count 52 meat, 23 fish, and total 75 dishes. Total of 42 excused absences
Change phone message will be arrangement when Mike Mills Returns
Discussed AV Storage approved $150 cost for making a storage box

Century Certificate for Robert Vincent. JM#61

Picnic 9/18. Cowbell Park. $240 fee, $75 alcohol permit, $200 deposit, $515 total. Motion approved
Charge members $20. Raffle. Free

Speakers: June Marsh Creek Project, July, Wounded Warrior Project, Aug. CCC Water

Committee reports
Barnaba Nominating committee report

Day Trips, no dates yet
Burton, golf going thru match play

Asst Secretary, Dwayne Williams
Adjourn 10:45