2014-09 BEC Meeting Minutes

Sirs Branch 19
September 4, 2014

Sir Tom Lathrop called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were:, T. Lathrop, L. Kolano, D. Deonigi, K. Kuhn, K. Peterson, R. Cashion, , J. Fernando, J. Barnaba, J. Duncan, B. Persons, B. Stephenson, J. Carl Sr., J. Burton, and M. Mills.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from August 2014 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Kuhn reported that total funds in the branch general account are $5,275.88 with an additional $608.17 in the bowling account and $1,529.02 in the Golf account. Motion to accept the report was seconded and approved.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Peterson reported that membership was 124 with 6 inactive. During the month one members resigned. Three guests is expected today. Sir Peterson requested the he be allowed to destroy membership application forms from resigned or deceased members. A motion was made and approved to allow same.

A new roster will soon be distributed to the Board Members.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Cashion reported received 17 messages from the old hot line and 8 messages for the new number. Four were not excused. Sir J. Moriana asked to be re-instated.

BIG SIR REPORT: Sir Lathrop reported

Web site now has 72 photos with 2 needing identification. Sir Mills will again be taking photos at check-in.
Branch picnic now has 56 paid with more expected today.
Sir J. Duncan will take over the Activities function.
Christmas luncheon planning has started. Sir J Barnaba will contact Sir G. Garcia about entertainment.
Regular meeting on growth are now scheduled by the State committee. We are still waiting on data about Clayton seniors. Sir B. Persons agreed to contact the Clayton Pioneer about advertising the Branch.
Sir Bill Stephenson stated that he will resign as newsletter editor in December after publishing his 100th Rooster Tales. Sirs Mills, Fernando and Kuhn will look into the possibility of a distributed approach to future publication.

LITTLE SIR REPORT: Sir Kolano reported that today’s speaker would be Jared Slemboski of Vivint Solar. He also plans to place fliers a local meeting location referring readers to our Web site and Hot line.

ACTIVITIES REPORTS: Golf and Bowling are planning to make reports to the membership..

Golf: Sir Burton report the 22 teams had signed up the 2-man best ball tournament.

Wine Tasting: September 12 at Sir Weimann home.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Duane Deonigi, Secretary