2014-11 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
November 6, 2014

Sir Larry Kolano called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE:   Sir’s in attendance were: L. Kolano, B. Persons, D. Deonigi, K. Kuhn, K. Peterson, R. Cashion, J. Fernando, J. Barnaba, J. Duncan, B. Stephenson, J. Carl Sr., J. Burton, D. Diamond, and J. Wolfe.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from October 2014 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Kuhn reported that total funds in the branch general account are $4.975.03 with an additional $608.21 in the bowling account and $810.25 in the Golf account.  Motion to accept the report was seconded and approved.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Peterson reported that membership was 129 with 4 inactive. Three new members will be inducted today. That make a total of eighteen new members this year.   Two guests are expected today.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Cashion reported received 13 messages from the old hot line and none from the new number. The Gmail system is not fully functional. 102 meals were ordered.


  1. The Holiday luncheon flier was been sent and signup have started. Sir Thelen has agreed to purchase wine for the luncheon. Sir Barnaba is arranging for entertainment.
  2. Rooster Tales editor, Sir Bill Stephenson was praised for he work over the many years.     Sir Kuhn is the interim editor.     The committee will continue working on a web based newsletter.
  3. Sir Persons has a price list for advertising in the Pioneer.
  4. The Century award for Sir Vincent will be presented in person.
  5. Hiking now established as a new activity with two outings to date.
  6. SIR of the Year nominations were opened. Sir Cashion and Sir Burton were named. Nominations will be open until the January Meeting.
  7. Members of the Audit Committee were named. Sir Schoonover and Sir Hanson
  8. Members of the Nominating committee were named: Sir K. Peterson, Sir R. Cashion and J. Fernando.

LITTLE SIR REPORT: Sir Kolano reported that today’s speaker would be John Peter Hagen, author of “Play Away Please” a golf story.

ACTIVITIES REPORTS: Golf, and Bowling are planning to make reports. The Bocce season is over.

Big Sir reminded the BEC that the January meeting will be on the second Thursday because of the first being on New Years day.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Duane Deonigi, Secretary