2016-02 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
February 4, 2016

SIR Bruce Person Called the meeting to order at 10:00a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were: B. Persons, J. Carl Sr., K. Kuhn, D. Diamond, B. Silberman, R. Peterson, D. Williams, R. Cashion, K. Peterson, J. Fernando, J. Barnaba, J. Duncan, J.Wolfe, J. Burton, B. Theobald, J. Dorsett, M. Kroft, M. Mills, L. Kolano and G. Vogt.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from January 2016 were approved.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Peterson reported that current membership was 127 with 1 inactive. There are 4 new members to be inducted today. We have 3 quests attending today’s luncheon. Our median age has dropped to 72. As we continue to increase our membership seating for our luncheons will become tighter. Increasing the numbers at each table to 9 members maybe the next outcome.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Cashion reported he received 16 messages from the hot line. All were excused. 111 lunches were ordered for today’s luncheon.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Kuhn reported that total funds in the branch general account are $4,860.07 with an additional $692.04 in the bowling account and $3,144.12 in the golf account. For the year to date change the general account balance has decreased by $443.39. Motion to accept the report was seconded and approved. Our annual audit report is due by February 10 and all information has been submitted to Bill Schoonover and Steve Hansen for this years audit report. Sir Kuhn then presented a financial activity report for 2015 that he reviewed with the BEC. The reason for the report was to support his bases for the conclusion that it would not be appropriate to raise our current luncheon fees. Discussion ensued and it was then moved and seconded that we except this report and that we would keep our luncheon fees the same. Sir Kuhn was thanked by several members for his fine work on this 2015 financial activity report.

BIG SIR REPORT: Sir Persons:

Reported on his Feb 1 meeting with Ed Benson and Area 2 Big SIR’s. The meeting centered around recruitment and what Branches were doing to increase theirs. Our input at the meeting was about the excellent job SIR Theobald is doing for our Branch in the are of publicity. Our image in the community is increasing as each article produced by Sir Theobald becomes published.

Their is a new state RV group now with a State RV Group Chairman, Sir Jim Botto. An email was sent by Big Sir Persons to our Branch members informing them of this SIR State supported new activity and how our members could become involved in it.

Rule 617 and rule 650 was read and discussion took place about Branch insurance needs and what activities would not be covered.


Today’s luncheon speaker is Rosemary Robles, Senior Driver Ombudsman, California Department of Motor Vehicles. She will be talking about myths about older drivers, license renewal options, compensating for age related changes, and safe driving tips for seniors.

Speaker for March will be Nicole Howell, Executive Director Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa County.


Sir Theobald talked about how four of our news release have been picked up by the Concord Pioneer, Diablo Gazette and Antioch Herald. Our golf fall winners were in the SIR Happenings and our fishing group also made the SIR Happenings. Sir Theobald will be putting a committee together to help get our recruiting flyers into more establishments.

Sir Theobald then talked about the March 10 trip to Campo di Bocce in Livermore. We will have 24 attending the 10:30 Bocce play and luncheon. Bocce players do not have to be experienced players. This place should be a wonderful experience for everyone making the trip to Livermore.

Sir Barnaba said the 2016 Branch Picnic will be held on the third Thursday in September or Sept 15th.

Sir Burton said he has put our recruiting flyers at Lone Tree GC and Deer Ridge GC.

Sir Mills reported that our most popular pages on our website for visitors were the Newsletter and Members page. The most visits to the website came from the USA with a tie for second between China and Russia. We get about 30 visits per day while the typical users are on for about 5 minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
Rich Peterson, Secretary