2016-06 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

SIR Branch 19
June 2, 2016

Sir Bruce Persons called the meeting to order at 10:00a.m.  A quorum was present.
ATTENDANCE:  Sir’s in attendance were: B. Persons, J. Carl Sr., K. Kuhn, D. Diamond, B. Silberman, R. Peterson, D. Williams, J. Barnaba, R. Cashion, J. Fernando, J. Burton, J. Duncan, J.Wolfe,  J. Dorsett, M. Mills,  G. Vogt, B. Olison, B. Stevenson and L. Kolano.

MINUTES:  The Executive Board Meeting minutes from May 2016 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT:  Sir Kuhn reported that total funds in the branch general account are $4,853.73 with an additional $692.12 in the bowling account and $3774.52 in the golf account.  This brought us to a total for the branch of $9,570.37.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Sir Cashion reported that our current membership was 133 with 2 inactive.  There will be two new members inducted today Michael Schmidt sponsored by SIR Rich Peterson and Jeffrey Paccassi sponsored by Sir Ben Olison.  Our median age has dropped to 72.

ATTENDANCE REPORT:  Sir Cashion reported he received 18 messages from the hot line.  All were excused.  A total of 101 lunches were ordered for today’s luncheon.   We will have 14 tables for a seating of 112.      Sir George Fillmore will be bringing Jim Kerns as a quest today.

BIG SIR REPORT:  Sir Persons:

Sir Persons passed out ballots with three branch members names on it for selection as a HLM member from our branch.  Membership and service to the branch were talked about as primary considerations.  One of the three members was eliminated after the first vote.  A second vote was taken with only two names on it.  After the second ballot it was announced that a 2/3 majority of our BEC members had selected Sir George Garcia as our next nominee for HLM.

Sir Persons reported that he plans to present Senior Certificates to two members turning 90, one in July and the other in September.

Little SIR REPORT:  Sir Carl:

Sir Carl talked about the state SIR Happening and the fact that our day trip to the Haight Ashbury was featured in it along with pictures of our members and guests who went on the trip.

Today’s luncheon speaker will be our Branch member Sir Milt Momita.  The subject is the World War II Relocation Camps that were setup by our government for citizens of Japanese ancestry.     Sir Momita will cover events before the war that led up to the evacuation, life in the camps, and the participation of Nisei troops during WW II.

Activities REPORT:

Sir Persons brought up the excellent finish that our Scramble golf teams had at the state qualifier in May at Deer Ridge in Brentwood.  Sir Theobold has written an excellent press release about this event which has gone out to local papers for publications.   A discussion ensued about putting ads in these papers promoting SIRS and our Branch.   No decision was made as to whether we should use our funds for ads.  Sir Persons also reported that an other 8 ball tournament will be scheduled for some time in August after our July events.

Sir Barnaba talked about our Annual Picnic which will be held this year on Thursday September 22.  He will be seeking help in putting this years picnic together and will have information on it in the July Roster Tales.

Sir Duncan went over the details on the Fried Chicken and Bingo night at the Oakhurst Clubhouse on Wednesday July 20.  The cost will be $30 per person or $60 for a couple and he will need the monies by July 7.   Many prizes are being put together for the Bingo part of the night.  All the event information will be posted in the July newsletter.   It should not be a problem getting forty people paid for in order to make this event happen.

Sir Fernando reported that the Bocce season is now under way.

Sir Dorsett talked about the senior professional bowling tournament that is coming on June 13 & 14 to Brentwood.

Dining out this month will be at Bambino’s Italian restaurant in Concord on Thursday June 16.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35.