2016-10 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
October 6, 2016

Sir Bruce Persons called the meeting to order at 10:00a.m.  A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE:  Sir’s in attendance were: B. Persons, J. Carl Sr., D. Diamond, K. Kuhn, R. Peterson, D. Williams, J. Barnaba, J. Fernando, K. Peterson, J. Duncan, J. Dorsett, M. Mills, B. Theobald,  T. Dobbs, A. Owens, G. Vogt, K. Kolano and B. Stevenson.

MINUTES:  The Executive Board Meeting minutes from September 2016 were approved after a correction to the Pickleball activity was noted.

TREASURE’S REPORT:  Sir Kuhn reported that total funds in the branch account are $4,580.46. with an additional $692.20 in the bowling account and $2,147.46 in the golf account.  This brought us to a total for the branch of $7,670.12.   Sir Kuhn opened a financial discussion about the 2016 Holiday Luncheon in December.  He suggested that we have a $33.00 fee for each attending person.  This would be in keeping with last years cost for participation.   Oakhurst will be raising our cost per individual by $1.00.   But the overall income for the event will allow us to again break even.  A discussion about gratuity for the wait staff followed.    A motion was made to keep the cost of attending the same as last year and was approved by the board.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Sir K. Peterson reported that our current membership is 131 with 3 inactive.  The inactive members are Bill Stricker, Dennis Webb and Jerry Fitzmaurice.   Our median age has stayed at 73.   Guests today are Ray Yates brought by Sir Vogt and Jess Adame brought by Sir Kostik.    Our new member inductee today is Paul Ferry.

ATTENDANCE REPORT:  Sir K. Peterson reported we received 28 Goggle voice messages from the hot line.  We have 28 members excused today.   A total of 94 lunches were ordered for today’s luncheon.

BIG SIR REPORT:  Sir Persons:

Sir Persons began with a discussion about the 2016 Sir State Training for Branch Officers and key Committee Chairmen.   This years training will be conducted in two sessions.   Area 2 will have it’s training on December 7, 2016 at Rossmoor – Creekside Complex.  The first session will be from 9:00 am to Noon and will include Big Sirs, Little Sirs, Secretaries, Treasures and Membership Chairman.  The second session will be from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and will include Recruiting Chairmen, Branch Activity Chairmen, Member Relations Chairmen, Publicity & Image Chairmen and Nominating Committee Chairmen.   It is required that we provide a leader to be trained for each position listed.  Sir Persons will follow up with each BEC member to ensure that we are represented at this mandatory training.

Little SIR REPORT:  Sir Carl:

This month’s luncheon speaker is Tim Clement, Executive Director, Save Mount Diablo.   November speaker will be the Chief of Police for Concord, Guy Swanger.

Sir Carl started a discussion about a former member who wants to rejoin and will prepay yearly for the luncheons.  This could make for exceptions to the rule that members must attend 50% of the meetings.    After discussion the prepayment idea was tabled.

The DATE program is being changed to the second Wednesday of the month going forward.    Sir Carl will inform the membership of the this change at today’s luncheon.

Sir Theobald talked about our website and the great job the Sir Mills is doing on it.  Sir Theobald created a news release that had our RAMP participants pictured in it.  In the release it talked about our participation in the community and the financial return we give back to local businesses.  The Clayton Pioneer will soon be printing our latest release along with the Community Focus newsletter.

Sir Dobbs presented a ‘Walk About of North Beach’ followed by lunch at a North Beach restaurant in February 2017.  He will put the flyers for the activity on the tables at today’s luncheon.

Sir Fernando talked about the Bocce event this month in Clayton on October 20th.  He will be promoting sign-ups at today’s luncheon.

Sir Theobald reported on our start of Pickleball as an activity, at the new Concord courts.  On October 27th from 10 – 12 there will be a one hour lesson along with free play afterwards.  All Branch members and any spouses are encouraged to attend.   The city of Concord will coordinate the sign-ups for the lessons.  Pickleball paddles and balls are provided by the city at no charge.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:50.