2017-01 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
January 5, 2017

Sir Jack Barnaba called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE:  Sir’s in attendance were: J. Barnaba, J. Carl Sr., R. Peterson, D. Diamond, K. Kuhn, B. Theobald, K. Peterson, G. Vogt, J. Burton, R. Cashion, T. Dobbs, A. Owens, M Mills, J. Wolf, K. Kolano and B. Stevenson.

MINUTES:  The Executive Board Meeting minutes from November 2016 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT:  Sir Diamond reported that total funds in the branch account are $4,863.40, with an additional $676.88 in the bowling account and $2613.40 in the golf account. That brings us to a total for the branch of $8403.68.   Sir Kuhn talked about the annual branch audit which is due on February 10th.  He has all the financial 2016 records ready for the audit and will be passing them on to Sir Hanson and Sir Schoonover to complete.  The 2016 audit will be discussed at the February BEC meeting.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Sir K. Peterson reported that our current membership is 136 with 2 inactive.  The inactive members are Dennis Webb and Jerry Fitzmaurice.   Our median age has remained at 73.   We have three guests for today’s luncheon.  Our new member inductees today are Larry Kreh sponsored by Sir Cashion and Bob Lively sponsored by Sir Priest.

ATTENDANCE REPORT:  Sir Cashion reported we received 20 Goggle voice messages from the hot line.  A total of 113 meals were ordered for today’s luncheon with 14 tables requested for the luncheon.   A discussion pursued on the possibility of increasing the number of members per table to 9.   The menu for each luncheon this year is now on the website and Sir Barnaba will announce that at today’s luncheon.

BIG SIR REPORT:  Sir Barnaba:

Sir Barnaba began the year by asking if all board members are receiving his BEC meeting agenda message.  There was a concern about him having everyone’s correct email address but the response from the board members were all positive.  Sir Mills then stated that he is posting the agenda on the branch website as soon as he receives it from our Big Sir.

Sir Barnaba then talked about our membership goals for the year.  They are currently set for us at plus one but Sir Barnaba would rather make our goal be plus 11 new members.  That would replicate what we were able to do in 2016.  For our branch activities, a goal of adding several new ones in 2017 was set.  Sir Barnaba requested that our current branch activities be included in the January BEC minutes.  Here is the current list of our branch activities with (C) indicating that they are coed:

  1. Bocce – Seasonal – thru participation in the Concord Bocce Leagues (C)
  2. One-off Bocce outings throughout the year –  i.e.: Campo di Bocce; Downtown Clayton Courts (C)
  3. Bowling – weekly during our “bowling season” (C)
  4. Golf – weekly throughout the year – both 9 hole and 18 hole
  5. Pickleball – weekly at the Concord Willow Pass Courts (C)
  6. Dine-Outs – monthly (C)–
  7. Hiking – several times throughout the year
  8. Billiards – 8 Ball Tournaments 2-3x this year
  9. Annual Picnic in September (C)
  10. Second Annual Bingo Event – at Oakhurst (C)
  11. Day Trip Walking Tours – As determined (i.e.: North Beach and a possibly another Haight-Asbury Walking Tour) (C)
  12. Discussion Sessions –  Discussion Ancient Technology & Engineering – frequency still TBD but could be monthly throughout the year depending on participation (C)

Sir Barnaba talked about our ‘Sir of the Year’ award for 2016.  His requirement for consideration includes primarily making a difference for the branch, volunteering above the norm and bringing in new members.  A list of names compiled by Sir Barnaba was passed around to the board members and directors.  Additional names were also requested.  A vote on three Sir names by the officers and directors was later conducted during the meeting.  The results will be reported back at the February BEC meeting.

Sir Barnaba reported on the State SIR training held at Rossmore in December.   Branch 19 had 6 attend the training sessions specific for their roles.  Sir Barnaba thought the training was very productive.   But we do need to have attendance at the upcoming session being held for the nominating group personnel.  A discussion about our current nominating committee ensued and Sir Owens volunteered to join them for 2017.  Sir Cashion asked to step down as a member of the committee.   Sir Barnaba then talked about a training session for the branch nominating committee’s at Sir Ed Benson’s residence in Walnut Creek on January 19th.   Sir K. Peterson said he would attend the training as our branch nominating representative.

Little SIR REPORT:  Sir Carl:

This month’s luncheon speaker is Kathryn Monroy from the Concord Parks and Recreation District.  She will talk about Pickleball and how it can be a new popular coed activity for our branch.  The February luncheon speaker will be Justin Alumbaugh Instructor, Head Football Coach at De La Salle High School.

The DATE program is having a meeting and discussion group on January 11th, 1:00 at the Clayton Valley Bowl.


Sir Theobald talked about the critical need for publicity in our community about our SIR’s branch.  The goals of our publicity efforts are to help grow the branch, continue to keep our member engaged and that will benefit us in our membership efforts.   Sir Theobald will continue to work on our promotions/posters at the local restaurants and golf courses this year.   The ‘Community Focus’ newspaper will have a January write-up about our golf group.  More branch 19 publicity is coming in other local newspapers.

Sir Dobbs talked about our day trip, ‘Walk About of North Beach’ which is scheduled for Thursday February 9th.  Sir Dobbs will be taking sign-ups today at the luncheon.  Sir Dobbs also talked about other day trips and the consensus was to do them on a quarterly bases.

Sir Burton said there would be a ‘Golden Years’ golf competition run by Sir Hockenson this year.  Also our branch will be hosting the ‘Area Scramble Qualifier’ competition this year.

Sir Theobald then talked about our new Pickleball activity which takes place every Thursday at 10:00 except on our luncheon days.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.