2017-02 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
February 2, 2017

Sir Jack Barnaba called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were: J. Barnaba, J. Carl Sr., R. Peterson, D. Diamond, B. Silberman, K. Kuhn, K. Peterson, G. Vogt, J. Burton, R. Cashion, J. Fernando, T. Dobbs, A. Owens, M Mills, J. Wolfe, and K. Kolano.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from January 2017 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Diamond reported that total funds in the branch account are $4,574.66, with an additional $676.88 in the bowling account and $3,509.40 in the golf account. That brings us to a total for the branch of $9,008.94. Sir Diamond then talked about our January luncheon where we had a high number of no shows that did not call in. So for January the Branch treasury did not have a net gain after the luncheon costs. The 2016 financial audit was completed and will be reported to the State as required.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir K. Peterson reported that our current membership is 139 with 2 former inactives. The two inactive members Dennis Webb and Jerry Fitzmaurice have been dropped from the inactive list. Our median age has remained at 73. The new member inductees today are Thomas Burton, James Perry, Russell Eddy and Tom Stark. Sir Peterson also reported that he is running out of badges and may have to order new ones as our membership count increases.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Cashion reported we received 24 Goggle voice messages from the hot line. A total of 108 meals were ordered for today with 15 tables requested for the luncheon. There are no quests for today’s luncheon.

BIG SIR REPORT: Sir Barnaba:

Sir Barnaba began by reading into the minutes Rule 1617 which is in regarding SIR State insurance. There were no questions or discussion about this Rule.

Sir Barnaba talked about our BEC meeting format. He is open to any suggestions from the board members on how to better our format. Also he would like new activities initiated by discussing then at our BEC meetings. A discussion then took place about not having a luncheon meeting the month we do our picnic as some other branches do. It was decided that no change was needed and we would continue to meet in September.
Sir Barnaba then announced our sixth annual ‘Sir of the Year’ award winner for 2016 was Sir George Vogt! Sir Barnaba congratulated Sir Vogt and thanked him for all that he has done for our Branch. Sir Barnaba will present the award at the luncheon today.

Sir Barnaba then talked about our Nominating committee and thanked Sir Cashion, Sir K. Peterson and Sir Fernando for their service in this area. Sir K. Peterson attended the Nominating group training meeting at Sir Benson’s home in January. Sir K. Peterson reported that it was excellent training and he has gotten some new ideas on how to get members involved in our Board. Also it was noted that Sir Kuhn’s meeting with our newly inducted members is very positive for our Branch. The possibly of including former Big Sirs in these meeting would be helpful.

Little SIR REPORT: Sir Carl:

This month’s luncheon speaker is Justin Alumbaugh Instructor, Head Football Coach at De La Salle High School. He will talk about his experiences as a student, teacher and now head coach for De La Salle’s Football team. The March luncheon speaker will be Tom Barnidge former staff writer for the Contra Costa Times.

The DATE program will be having its monthly meeting and discussion group on February 8th, 1:00 at the Clayton Valley Bowl.

Sir Carl then reported on our Bowling group for Sir Dorsett. There is a tournament named the Larry Mitchel Tournament and it will be held at the Diablo Lanes on March 20 & 22. Also there are bowling tournaments in April that will be held in Reno and Grass Valley.


Sir Theobald was not present so Sir Barnaba gave the Activities report for him. Sir Theobald is working on an other 8 ball event at the Cue and Brew Billiard Parlor in Martinez on Friday March 17th. Signup’s should be out at our March luncheon. Pickleball is up and running every Thursday at 10:00 at the Concord Pickleball courts. Sir Theobald is getting branch info flyers ready to be distributed to our local golf courses.

Sir Dobbs talked about our day trip, ‘Walk About of North Beach’ which is scheduled for Thursday February 9th. Sir Dobbs said we have 14 people signed up and he has space for 6 more. He will be taking sign-ups today at the luncheon.

Sir Fernando said that Bocce season starts the first week in May. The teams are now pretty much full except for our co-ed team.

Sir Burton indicated that the ‘Area Scramble Qualifier’ would be at Hiddenbrook on May 25th. Also our Branch Match play will be starting in March.

Sir Barnaba reported for Sir Weimann that there will be a Dining Out/Wine Tasting at the La Veranda restaurant in Clayton on Monday February 27th.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.