2017-04 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
April 6, 2017

Sir Jack Barnaba called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were: J. Barnaba, J. Carl Sr., R. Peterson, D. Diamond, B. Silberman, K. Kuhn, G. Vogt, B. Theobald, J. Burton, R. Cashion, J. Fernando, A. Owens, J. Dorsett, J. Wolfe, and B. Persons.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from March 2017 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Diamond reported that total funds in the branch account are $4,237.17, with an additional $674.94 in the bowling account and $2875.78 in the golf account. That brings us to a total for the branch of $8,037.89.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Kuhn will be our new Membership Chairman replacing SIR K. Peterson who has left the Branch. Sir Kuhn reported that our current membership is 133. Sir Bill Maguire passed away in February. We have 3 members who are resigning this month. They are Tom Burton, James Perry and Tom Stark. All three joined together three months ago but found the meetings to noisy for them. There followed a discussion about the noise level at our luncheons and the room acoustics. Also the need for everyone to help rein in the talk during the speaker times. There were no new member inductees today.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Cashion reported we received 25 Goggle voice messages from the hot line. Seventeen were excused but 5 were not as they were received after the meal count was submitted. A total of 103 meals were ordered for the luncheon. Sir Gregg Moore will be bringing Terry Betts as his guest for today’s luncheon. Last month we had 12 no shows. Sir Cashion plans to pull the badges of the no shows from last month and place them with the Treasure today. That way we may recoup some of the monies owed the branch. Sir Barnaba talked about having Meritorious branch members. One could be Sir Walker who has difficulty attending because of his age. That way Meritorious members could attend at their convenience. Sir Barnaba talked about the requirements to have Meritorious members and will continue the discussion at the next BEC meeting.
BIG SIR REPORT: Sir Barnaba:

We currently have an opening for a new Branch HLM candidate. Sir Barnaba read the list of possible nominees and solicited recommendations. Sir Lathrop and Sir Cashion were both recommended during the meeting. The revised list of candidates will be sent by Sir Barnaba to the board members for their review before our May BEC meeting. Sir Barnaba asked each board member to rank their top three choices for HLM and send them to him before the next meeting.

Sir Barnaba talked about our Nominating Committee and how he has selected Sir Owens to be our new Chairman. Sir Owens was approved by the board for this position. Sir Barnaba and Sir Fernando emphasized the need for everyone in the branch to get involved in the selection process for new board members.

Little SIR REPORT: Sir Carl:

Sir Carl talked about RAMP and the how everyone should carry Branch recruitment cards with them. Also that we should have ‘Greeters’ at the door when members arrive for the luncheon. Sir Barnaba said that he would follow up on the suggestion of luncheon ‘Greeters’.

This month’s luncheon speaker is Sir Kolano who will speak about the Holocaust. Our May speaker will be Chester Farrow who spoke before to us about his time working with the Oakland A’s.


Sir Theobald reported that the 8 Ball event in Martinez is on hold for now. More information about it will be out at the May meeting. A new walking activity was proposed that could be held periodically at a location like the Lafayette Reservoir or the local walking trails behind Oakhurst. Sir Theobald then reported that he and his wife will be leaving the Bay Area this summer or early fall. A new Activities Chairman will be needed to replace him.

Sir Vogt talked about the ‘Walking About of North Beach’ tour held on Thursday March 23. We had 17 members or spouses/friends attend. The day trip was a big success and everyone appreciated the work Sir Dobbs put into making it happen.

There was no news on Bocce or Bowling this meeting. Sir Burton reported that Match play for the golf group will be starting this month and the sign-ups have been good.

Sir Weimann has set up a dining around for Thursday April 27 at at the ‘The Old Spaghetti Factory’ restaurant in Concord.

New Business;

Sir Kuhn talked about the need as a branch to assist the members who are older and require help in getting to the meetings. Sir Vogt seconded the idea and Sir Barnaba said we would put this on the agenda for discussion at the May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:58.