2017-07 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
July 6, 2017

Sir Jack Barnaba called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were: J. Barnaba, J. Carl Sr., R. Peterson, D. Williams, D. Diamond, K. Kuhn, G. Vogt, J. Burton, J. Fernando, A. Owens, T. Dobbs, J. Duncan, J. Wolfe, M. Mills, L. Kolano, B. Persons and R. Balovich.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from July 2017 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Diamond reported that total funds in the branch account are $3,485.01, with an additional $674.96 in the bowling account and $3,213.85 in the golf account. That brings us to a total for the branch of $7623.86. Sir Diamond then talked about a concern for our branch finances because for the year we have lost about $380 on our lunches. More members are not calling in and then failing to show up for the luncheons.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Kuhn reported that our total members this month is 128. Four members were dropped this month as they have failed to show up or call in for the last four months. Median age for the branch is 74. No guests for this months luncheon. We had two guests last month and neither have decided to join our branch. Sir Barnaba emphasized that we need members to bring quests.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Duncan reported we ordered 84 meals and 12 tables for today’s luncheon. He also said we need to collect doubled fees from 14 members today.
BIG SIR REPORT: Sir Barnaba:

Sir Barnaba began his discussion with a report about the State SIR Hold Harmless Insurance. An other branch had problems with a caterer causing some food related illness after a luncheon. Fortunately the caterer was a Sir member so the branch could not be sued. A discussion ensued about our branch picnic this year and the need to ensure that our new caterer for this event is self insured. Also we need to be aware of this insurance need for any future events.

Our Nominating Committee requirements for 2018 were then discussed. Sir Barnaba announced that Sir Kuhn has volunteered to be our 2018 Big Sir. Sir Barnaba would be meeting with Sir Owens after the BEC meeting, to work on the nominations for 2018, and asked any board members to join them if they wanted to. We need to have our list of 2018 candidates put together for reporting to the State by the end of August.

Our branch Picnic this year will be on Thursday September 21st. A post about the picnic will soon be put together to send out to our members. Signups will start at our August luncheon. Sir Duncan asked for donations for the raffle this year. Sir Fernando, who is coordinating the procurement of our new caterer, indicated that he would ask our membership for possible names at today’s luncheon. It was estimated that about on average 40 to 45 couples attend the picnic.

Little SIR REPORT: Sir Carl:

This month’s luncheon speaker is our webmaster Sir Mike Mills. Sir Mills will talk about auto racing and his experiences in almost every facet of amateur and semi-professional racing For the last 8 years. The August speaker will be from the John Muir Trauma Center. The September speaker maybe a former employee of the John Muir Diabetes Center.


Sir Dobbs then talked about the Mare Island walking tour that took place on Thursday June 15th. The tour was a great success especially seeing the historic base chapel which has Tiffany glass windows in it. Also the Docent for the tour was very knowledgeable and showed the group around the Mare Island museum. A group lunch ensued after the tour at the Sardine Can Restaurant in Vallejo.

Sir Fernando reported that the Bocce Ball leagues are six weeks into the season. Our coed teams are doing very well and are having many wins this season.

Sir Carl reported that our bowling group will start again in September. Sir Kaufman will be taking over as the new bowling group chairman.

Sir Burton reported that Sir Deonigi will be awarded a ‘Feather’ for shooting his age again at today’s luncheon. We have 23 golfer’s signed up for play at the Oakhurst golf course on Thursday 7/13.

Sir Peterson reported that there will be a Wine Tasting at his home in August. The date will be set when Sir Weimann returns from his vacation travels later in July.

New Business:

A discussion ensued about our luncheon prices and how to show a monthly gain once more. Sir Kuhn talked about sending letters again to those who did not call in before missing the luncheon. Also considered was increasing the price to $25 per lunch. The idea of a blanket email to the membership was raised and agreed upon as being a good approach to this branch financial problem. Sir Barnaba said that we would carry this discussion over to the August BEC meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:51.