2018-08 BEC Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
SIR Branch 19
August 2, 2018

Sir Ken Kuhn called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. A quorum was present.

ATTENDANCE: Sir’s in attendance were: K. Kuhn, J. Carl Sr., R. Peterson, J. Gillis, D. Diamond, B. Silberman, T. Dobbs, J. Fernando, J. Burton, G. Vogt, R. Crabaugh, M. Fennell, M. Mills, and R. Balovich.

MINUTES: The Executive Board Meeting minutes from July 2018 were approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Sir Diamond reported that total funds in the branch account are $3,787.11, with an additional $559.73 in the bowling account and $2,245.44 in the golf account. That brings us to a total for the branch of $6,842.28. For the Chicken and Bingo night in July we broke about even. We had 44 members and guests attending which was a good turnout. A discussion began about our percentages for the no shows at our monthly luncheons. It was decided that 10% no shows would be used going forward.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Sir Kuhn reported that Mike George and Keith Thompson would be inducted today as new members. Sir Crabaugh will be doing the new member orientation this morning. Our total active members is 128 as Sir Jagoda has returned from inactive status and would be attending today’s luncheon. Sir Brunner will need to be changed to inactive due to medical reasons. Average age for the branch is now 74.8 and the median age is 75.

ATTENDANCE REPORT: Sir Fennell has taken over the branch Attendance position. Sir Peterson asked for access to the monthly Attendance report before our BEC meetings. Sir Kuhn said that Sir Peterson would be given access to the ‘Drop Box’ which has each months Attendance Reports. There are 103 members expected today at our luncheon. Meals ordered for this month’s luncheon totaled 98 and 13 tables were requested. Sir Fennell reported that there will be two quests attending today.

Sir Kuhn began by asking everyone to review the 2019 Branch 19 Officer and Director nominees that he had prepared for the BEC meeting. Sir Peterson reported that Sir Gillis would be taking over as Branch Secretary and Sir Peterson would be his Asst. Secretary next year. Sir Burton then talked about Sir Owens, Branch Recruitment Chairman, and how he has decided to resign from SIR’s. Because of the lost of Sir Owens we need a new Recruitment Chairman for the rest of 2018 and for 2019. Sir Kuhn will have the vote by the membership today approving the 2019 BEC members. A Form 20, which shows our 2019 BEC members, will need to be sent to the State by Sir Peterson in August.

Sir Kuhn then talked about our need for continuing recruitment of new members. During July social media site ‘NextDoor’ was used by Sir Balovich in promoting our Branch. Several board members and/or their wives saw the posting by Sir Balovich. Although he did not get any direct responses to it, he was encouraged to continue as over time people in Clayton and Concord will become more aware of Branch 19. Sir Fernando brought up having Financial Advisors give out our recruiting handouts. Sir Kuhn said we should all bring the wallet cards with us and give them to our Financial Advisors. Sir Burton talked about the Clayton Oktoberfest and having a booth there during the October weekend event. Sir Barbari is on the board for this Clayton event and will see if he can get us a reduced rate to have a recruitment table there. Sir Kuhn asked the board if $300 would be worth it to have a booth. We will address the Oktoberfest question at the next BEC meeting. Sir Kapas is going to do an article about our Branch in the September issue of the magazine that he writes for. Sir Carl said he would see if he could talk Sir Kapas into being our Publicity Chairman. Sir Vogt then talked about how he approaches all the retirees he meets or their wives in order to promote our Branch. Sir Kuhn then stated that Sir Vogt should be our new Recruitment Chairman. The BEC all confirmed that suggestion and Sir Vogt was selected to be our new 2019 Recruitment Chairman.

Sir Kuhn then spoke about the ‘Hockenson Challenge’ and how it had not been continued. Sir Burton said he would ask Sir Hockenson to bring it up while talking about his PCT Tribute hike at today’s luncheon.

September luncheon is our Hawaiian shirt day. We will have a prize for the most ‘admired’ shirt by our members in attendance that day.

Keith Thompson was then inducted into our Branch. Welcome aboard Sir Thompson.

Sir Mills talked about the need for new photos of branch members and our activities so he can refresh our website. He also needs branch updates for posting on the website. Much discussion followed and Sir Mills was updated as to some activities to add or remove. Sir Kuhn thanked Sir Mills for all his efforts and asked for everyone to help him in keeping the site current.

Sir Kuhn then thanked Sir Burton for the July Chicken and Bingo night that was very well organized and run.

Sir Fernando reported that he already had 9 sign-ups and Sir Dobbs had 6 more for the Annual Bocce Tournament in Clayton on Thursday August 22. Sir Fernando will promote it more at the luncheon today. He is expecting to have at least 30 signups.


Sir Hockenson is our quest speaker today so he can talk about the highlights form his recent PCT Tribute hike. For September Sir Fennell will speak about his own boat building experiences. The bowling group will be in Reno during the middle of August for a tournament.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:02.