SIR Usage

Confused about how to use SIR — SIR, Inc — SIR’s — Sir — Sirs — Sir’s — or Sirs’ …many of us are and here are some tips.

SIR stands for Sons in Retirement …if you want to use the corporate title, use SIR, Inc. or Sons In Retirement, Inc.

Common Mistakes:
• SIR is never plural — there is only one Sons In Retirement — so, never write or say SIRS when referring to Sons in Retirement
• SIR is always capitalized
• There are no periods between the letters
• The possessive of SIR is SIR’s

Some examples:
• John is a member of SIR — Not SIRS
• SIR’s annual meeting is held in August — possessive

Sir Refers to an individual member of SIR

Some examples:
• Sir John Jones is a member of SIR — Singular
• Many Sirs attended the SIR luncheon — Plural
• A Sir’s son attended a SIR luncheon — Singular Possessive
• Some Sirs’ wives attend SIR picnics — Plural Possessive

(From “SIR Happenings” – January 2006)