Mike Mills

Mike Mills

Member since: 2014

School: Southwest Texas State University

Interests: Golf, Auto Racing

Occupation: Programmer, Management

Industry: Computer Technology

Military: USAF 1967-1977

Office: Webmaster

I began school in Lancaster, NH, attending Lancaster Elementary. In 1953 we moved to Yokohama, Japan where I attended Negishi Heights Elementary in 1953, 1954 and 1955. I returned to Lancaster, NH in 1955. In February 1963 I moved to Santa Monica, CA and in 1965 graduated from Santa Monica High School.

I have had three careers. I was in the Air Force for 10 years (67-77) living in California, Hawaii and Texas.

Then I was in the tech industry (computer hardware and software) from 77-01 living in Texas and then the San Francisco Bay Area.

Along the way I graduated from Southwest Texas State University, which is now called Texas State University.

And finally I dabbled in motorsports (sports car racing). I essentially retired in 2001 but did not realize it until 2009. This is where I verified the old adage “How do you make a small fortune racing? Start with a large one.”

I married in 1969. Cathy and I had one son (Michael Jr) and a grandson (Michael III).

I lost Cathy, in February of 2009 to small cell lung cancer, just a couple of months short of our 40th anniversary.

In January 2012 I met Amy (Zhi Min) and we married in August. We now live almost three months a year in China and travel there extensively.