Wanted – Dining Out Chairman

We have some great activities in our Branch everyone enjoys.  One of those is the Dine Out activity.  Unfortunately, Bruce Persons needs to relinquish the chairmanship of the Dine Out group as he becomes Big SIR for 2016.  We need someone, who enjoys dining out, to take over as the Dine Out chairman. The requirements are:

  1. Enjoy dining out
  2. Able to schedule an event at a local eatery once a month
  3. Gather names members who will join in.
  4. Notify the members that have signed up.
  5. Notify the newsletter editor of each months dine out venue.

Email Ken Kuhn if you can fill this position, and he will do what he can to help you in the transition. This position takes little time and is an opportunity to contribute for the good of the Branch and enjoy great company while enjoying a good meal, where ever that may be.